Medicaid Expansion

Senator Saslaw worked tirelessly and helped lead the charge to expand Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of Virginians without access to healthcare. No longer will Virginia leave billions of federal dollars unclaimed. Instead, these monies will help benefit more than 400,000 of our Commonwealth neighbors in need of affordable healthcare and provide hope for the otherwise desperate. Senator Saslaw was honored by the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association as a 2018 “Healthcare Hero” for his multi-year dedication to expanding Medicaid in the Commonwealth.

Dick believes that leaving citizens to rely on visits to the emergency room to treat ailments is costly, foolish, and overall poor stewardship of taxpayer money. More importantly, it is the wrong moral course for our Commonwealth. Dick knows that Virginians deserve the right to access healthcare. Despite what others may have you believe, Medicaid expansion is not a divisive partisan issue in Virginia. With 83% of the Commonwealth in support of expansion, including 72% of Republicans, it was high time to enact this sensible expansion of Medicaid. During his time in Richmond, Dick has always fought to enact policies that safeguard the welfare of his constituents and advance their quality of life. He looks forward to working with Governor Northam to ensure Medicaid has a successful expansion in Virginia and our underprivileged citizens get the access to healthcare they deserve.


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