Champion for Women’s Rights

Dick Saslaw has a deep appreciation for equality and fairness in the workplace. He has always been consistent in his support for the Equal Rights Amendment. To the chants of “we shall overcome” in a packed committee room, he called the question in early 2018 when the issue was being tabled. It is past time for this amendment to become part of the Bill of Rights, ensuring pay parity and shattering the glass ceiling.

Equally important is a women’s right to the healthcare she needs, when she needs it. When making the most important decision, Dick believes that conversation should be between a patient and her doctor – not male legislators in the General Assembly. Putting hurdles like invasive ultrasounds and unreasonable waiting periods adds an unreasonable onus on individuals making one of the most serious decisions of their life.

The US Supreme Court is about to shift its objectivity to a hard-right conservatism. Women should not have to fear for their lives when exercising their constitutionally-protected right to choose. They should not have to fear retribution for accessing critical healthcare. Dick Saslaw stands with the women of Virginia and has been a champion for choice. He trusts women and will continue to fight for their rights.  


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