People Say

“We are happy to inform you that your campaign has been awarded the 2019 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. Thank you again for standing up for gun violence prevention and making a commitment to govern with gun safety in mind, if elected.”

– Moms Demand Action

“We are proud to support Senator Saslaw is in campaign for re-election. Throughout his time in the Senate, he has been a proven leader who gets things done for his constituents and Northern Virginia. We look forward to working with him over the next four years to build a more progressive Virginia.”

– Professional Fire Fighters & Paramedics – IAFF Local 2068

“At a time when our most fundamental rights are under attack like never before across this country, we are confident that Virginia Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw will never back down when it comes to protecting and expanding access to reproductive health and rights for all Virginians. Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw has and will put the needs of Virginia women and their families first as they make personal decisions about when, if, how, and with whom to start a family. He is a proven champion and a trusted defender in the face of constant attempts to restrict access to the full gamut of reproductive healthcare by anti-choice politicians in the Virginia State Senate.”

– Tarina Keene, executive director, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia

“Sen. Dick Saslaw (SD-35) has over 40 years of experience in Virginia state government and is positioned to lead the General Assembly in securing passage of historic gun safety legislation as Senate Majority Leader. Sen. Saslaw will be a staunch advocate for gun violence prevention including supporting expanded background checks and a civilian ban on assault-style weapons.”

– Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

“Fairfax County is fortunate to have Dick Saslaw in Richmond. Whether it’s bringing home more money for transportation projects, fighting for critical economic development investments, or standing up for our teachers and students, we can always count on Dick to deliver.”

– Chairwoman Sharon Bulova, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

“Throughout his career, Senator Saslaw has been a tireless advocate for his constituents, Northern Virginia, and the entire Commonwealth. At a time when political partisanship couldn’t be higher, Virginia needs a problem solver like Senator Saslaw in the Senate. We’re proud to endorse him in his re-election campaign.”

– Beckwith Bolle, 2019 President of the Virginia REALTORS®

“Virginia NOW not only thanks him for his years as a champion of women’s rights, but we endorse his reelection and will encourage our NOW members in his Senate district to send him back to the Senate where our issues must be heard.”

– National Organization for Women, Virginia Chapters

“[Senator Saslaw] is committed to the issues that matter most to our members. Protecting the rights of organized labor and working families across the commonwealth. [Senator Saslaw has] committed to fighting for a prevailing wage, project labor agreements, and occupational licenses, all of which help level the playing field during project bidding and ensure quality work performed by highly trained craftsmen like our members. And [Senator Saslaw has] pledged to help fight wage theft and misclassifications, two of the most significant issues we face on the job.”

– Jason Ascher, Political Director, Mid-Atlantic Pipe Trades Association

“Dick Saslaw understands that Virginia’s working families and economy would benefit greatly from a $15 minimum wage. His leadership on this issue is critical to ensuring hard-working men and women can keep up with the rising cost of living in the Commonwealth.”

– Jaime Contreras, Vice President of 32BJ SEIU

“Sen. Dick Saslaw has been a stalwart proponent and advocate for public education for his entire term of service in Virginia’s Senate. He has earned the support of the VEA Fund through his hard work on behalf of public education and impeccable voting record in support of our legislative agendas for multiple General Assembly sessions. We believe we can continue to count on him to do what’s best for our public schools, our students, and our educators.”

– Jim Livingston, President of the Virginia Education Association

– Equal Rights Champion Award, Virginia Equal Rights Coalition

“Senator Saslaw is a proven leader with an unparalleled record of getting things done. With the Democratic Party poised to take control of the Virginia General Assembly in November, Senator Saslaw’s years of experience leading his caucus will enable Senate Democrats to hit the ground running with a legislative agenda that puts working people front and center.”

– David Allison, Business Manager of the Baltimore/Washington Laborers’ District Council (BWLDC)

– International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 26

“We are proud to endorse Senator Dick Saslaw in his campaign for re-election. Throughout his career in Richmond, Dick has been a steadfast ally, fighting for budget priorities and legislation to keep our police officers, deputy sheriffs, and communities safe from harm. Whether it’s keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals or giving our departments more resources and training for battling opioid addiction and mental health issues, we have always been able to count on him.”

– Sheriff Stacey Kincaid, Fairfax

– Sheriff Stephen Bittle, Falls Church

– Sheriff Dana Lawhorne, Alexandria

2018 Martha Glennan Disability Inclusion & Equality Awards

“Virginia State Senator Richard Saslaw has a strong record of supporting disability rights and funding for disability services that promote independent living options in the community and equal access for Virginians with disabilities, including Fairfax County residents. Particularly in 2018, Saslaw has done Fairfax County proud by leading the bipartisan movement to terminate a bill that would have significantly weakened the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act throughout the Commonwealth. Saslaw is our Fairfax County Hero!”

The Fairfax Area Disability Services Board

2018 HosPAC Healthcare Hero Award

The HosPAC Hero Award recognizes state legislators who epitomize leadership, advocacy, and dedication to the mission of the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association in the community and the Virginia General Assembly.

2018 Virginia Legislative Leader for making conservation a priority

“Thank you for your advocacy that resulted in this welcomed addition to the array of services in our state’s aging network.”

Virginia Department for Aging & Rehabilitative Services

“Senator Saslaw fully understands how to get results in Richmond. The sheriff’s always count on him to cut right through all the rhetoric and expose an accurate picture of the status on any situation. When he speaks, I always am thinking ‘OK here goes the real story.’ Thanks Senator Saslaw for a job well done.”

John W. Jones
Executive Director, Virginia Sheriffs’ Association


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